Positions are available (Graduate Students, 1st Semester of 2021)

We are looking for highly motivated graduate students who are interested in neuroimaging, neural engineering, and neurosciences.

■ Engineering and/or medicine backgrounds are preferred.

■ The majors for the degrees would be MS/PhD in engineering (biomedical engineering) or medicine (physiology).

■ Full supports for tuition, other fees, space, and devices are available from government-funded research projects.

■ Internship is also available with partial supports.

■ We don’t have any program for supporting international students.

Please send an email with a brief curriculum vitae to hangjoonjo@hanyang.ac.kr.

[Subj#7] Utilizing N Dimensions with Christopher Nolan and J.S. Bach

After watching the movie <Interstellar> a couple times, it made me think about the concept of higher dimensions. Merely bringing up this concept might be more than enough to intimidate some people. But it just seems to me that every time we mention 4 or 5 dimensions, we compel ourselves to do the impossible. We try to ‘visualize’ the 4 or 5 perpendicular axes in three dimensional space, giving ourselves a small stroke. But the point is not ‘visualizing’ the high dimensional space, but conceptualizing and utilizing it.

Those ‘fifth dimensional beings’ in <Interstellar> would look at us pretty similar to how we look at ants.In other words, ants would have small strokes thinking about the three-dimensional space. Then, how would ant-Christopher Nolan in ant-world, render the ‘cube’ scene with ant-Cooper ‘floating’ in 2D space? If the third dimension here is a ‘z-axis’ for 3d space, ant-Nolan would render intersecting one-dimensional lines each showing a certain time in 2D space, projected onto the line. Well, that’s not so comprehensive, so let’s give the third dimension to ‘time’. Certainly time also flows the same in 2D as in 3D. This time, the intersecting lines would be projections of a single 2D space in different points of time and ant-Cooper is floating around his two-dimensional world pushing one-dimensional book shelves sending messages to ant-Murphy.

How about a practical example in our everyday lives. If theoretical physicists like Einstein or Stephen Hawking tried to conceptualize higher dimensions in theory, composers like J.S. Bach or L.V. Beethoven has already mastered the concept in their guts and was frankly leaping through countless dimensions. All different voices in polyphonic music are accountable as independent components. For example, Bach’s fugue in C# minor in his first book of the Well Tempered Claviers is a triple fugue(this means it has 3 separate subjects) with four voices. This is conceptually equivalent to three people hopping around 4 dimensions. Pretty much like Cooper floating around the four-dimensional cube?

I could go on and on with different examples all around everything. But what really fascinates me is that within a selected scope, two things so radically different (Cooper’s four-dimensional cube and Bach’s Fugue) can be deduced to a single mutual concept.

[Subj#7] Welcome to Our Lab.

Where no-one knows wth is going on but doesn’t give a single care.

Where students teach the professor what to say to his date.

Where coffee and coke is thicker than blood. 

Where the only thing that earns any respect is the number of Blu-ray CDs on your shelf. 

Where we blow your mind away instead of dynamites.

Welcome to the TNT Lab

Corona Excuses

There are many benches with shades around HIT and library.
Back to work after Sunday road trip to Hanam city.

To go for weekend road trips after the pandemic, I finished extensive maintenance on engine and powertrain system of my 10-year-old car. After reviewed some papers, I realized that there might not be the end of this situation. So, today I suddenly decided to go country side for fun. While driving, I felt I’m the only one person who didn’t meet anyone at all as reminding that I heard people met more people to date or to work with. Conclusively, it seems that people might have made excuses of “social distancing” to avoid me. Well, whatever. Thank you guys for my recent publications. They won’t be published so early without “your cooperation on not to meet me”. 😛

I was a student, too.

A former lab mate Prof. Jang, Dong Pyo (Grad. School of BSE),
and my advisors, Profs. Kim, In Young, and Kim, Sun Il (Department of Biomedical Engineering).
one of my advisors Prof. Lee, Jong-Min (Department of Electric Bio-Engineering), and a former lab mate Dr. Yang, Jin Ju (Department of Ophthalmology).